Amiga UAE

WinUAE 5.2.0

New features/updates:

  • MacroSystem DraCo emulation. Full emulation except V-Lab Motion video board which is totally undocumented. Amiga clone without Amiga custom chips.
  • Picmatic Marbella Vice light gun laser disc arcade game is now fully working.
  • American Laser Games and PicMatic statefile support.
  • Genlock emulation display positioning/scaling updates.
  • Retina Z2 and Z3/Altais RTG board emulation. (NCR 77C22E+ and 77C32BLT SVGA chips)
  • S3 Trio64 PCI RTG board.
  • On screen led font is now configurable, settings in GUI Miscellaneous panel.
  • A2410 updates (Latest Picasso96 driver with DMA mode enabled graphics corruption)
  • All emulated RTG boards now autoswitch (Automatic switch between chipset mode and RTG mode). Previously only RTG boards that have built-in switcher and PCI RTG boards autoswitched.
  • Do not emulate special cases in native chipset screen mode last and first line(s) unless Overscan mode is Overscan+ or higher. (For example OCS Denise top and bottom line mismatched blanking start and end)
  • NTSC mode screen vertical positioning improved.
  • Disk swapper insert/remove cursor position now works as expected. Same image can be inserted in multiple slots.

5.1.0 Bugs fixes

  • Fast 68020+ mode interrupt timing fix. (Some games hung or had missing or badly playing sound)
  • Copper timing was unreliable in non-CE modes (Mainly affected horizontally multiplexed sprites)
  • Dark mode was not initialized if config file was started directly (for example from command line), without opening GUI. Some sub-dialogs didn’t support dark mode.
  • Zero length disk DMA with enabled disk word sync never finished (some copy protections failed to work).
  • Game Ports panel default config overrode button 4 with on screen keyboard enable/disable option even if it was already configured in Input panel.

Older bug fixes

  • Any TV overscan option + NTSC mode: few pixel grapohics corruption was visible in right edge of screen.
  • Many hardware emulated RTG boards had problems with horizontal panning.
  • 68040 MMU emulation fix. (MOVEM restart didn’t work correctly in all situations and MOVES 68040-only special case bus fault behavior was wrong)
  • CyberVision 64/3D and Picasso IV overlay fixes. P96PipDemo is now working correctly.
  • Ateo Pixel 64 had BGR/RGB swapped colors in most color depths.
  • UAE AHI ignored AHI volume slider setting.
  • Fixed mouse cursor jumping randomly when in tablet mode and clicking mouse button(s).
  • Game Ports panel input device type getting stuck or entering Test/Remap window crashing in some situations.
  • Some config file and registry/ini paths were always written in absolute format even if WinUAE was configured to relative path mode.
  • “AVI output enabled” (and few similar on/off buttons) button type changed, previously they worked unexpectedly in some situations, visible state was not always matching internal state.
  • Some sub dialogs (for example Gameports input mapping autofire) had old style and no high DPI support.
  • 256 color screenshot mode created wrong colors in some situations, usually when AGA and almost all palette entries were allocated.
  • Changing some native display settings (Filter/Display panel) settings didn’t reset all required display parameters until full display reset (for example window was resized)

Download zip here : Version 32 bits : WinUAE32
Version 64 bits : WinUAE64